Saturday, February 11, 2017

Republican Administration, what's the Plan?

Our current chief commander made many promises during his campaign. While I don't agree with them at all, I understand why he and the rest of the Republican Administration want to follow through on their promises. Elections do have consequences, unfortunately in this case. But what is the plan? So far, it seems like everything being done with such urgency, but little to no thought. In his acceptance speech, the man in charge promised to bring our country together. However, he and the rest of the Republican Administration have done the extreme opposite. For weeks we heard that the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) was going to be dismantled. Republicans told us not to panic until we heard what the plan was. Not panic? Millions depend on this for lifesaving medications and treatments. I personally rely on it for preexisting conditions that would financial destroy my family and for insurance for my young adult children. Why threaten to begin dismantling something that you have no plan for or if you do, have not released for citizens to compare and know that their country is supporting them?

Along with removing ACA, the Republican Administration wants to remove access to birth control and end abortion. What??? Okay, I get wanting to end abortion. I do. But what is the plan for the woman who gets pregnant? Will abortions just end because it is illegal? Does the Republican Administration have families ready to adopt or will these children be brought into a world where they aren't wanted and eventually turn to crime? If you sincerely want to end abortion or at the very least reduce the numbers, why not continue educating the young on birth control? This one makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. A family member told me it is easy, "just don't have sex". I would like to stop eating also so that I don't continue gaining weight, but unfortunately as a living being I was designed to both eat and reproduce. Those impulses are not easily restrained. Plus, the reasons young girls have sex is way more complicated than "just don't have sex". A comment such as this is inexcusable and super unsympathetic to the issues young teens/women endure on a daily basis in their homes, schools, work places, etc.

The man that is now leading our country promised to ban Muslims from the US while campaigning and then followed through on a ban of seven countries with no more thought than what he plans to have for dinner. My Republican House Representative Peter Roskam wrote back to me saying, "President Trump’s executive order was not perfect, and it is unfortunate that it caught up some innocent travelers." Um, no. It was more than just "unfortunate". Families were torn apart. Jobs were left unattended. Cars were left at airports. Visas were put in jeopardy of expiring. Travelers faced potentially being sent back to countries that would kill them. This is more than "unfortunate".  We are now spending almost $15 billion to build a wall (maintenance costs will add to this bill) that shows the world we are bullies when we can't afford to help citizens with health insurance, educations, improve the lives of vets, etc, etc. We already have walls and fences, this is purely a sign to the world that we no longer accept those different than ourselves. Again, where is the plan? Deportations have begun. What happens to the children left behind, apartments/houses that are being rented and owned, jobs that are now unfilled? Will American citizens out of work pick up and move to California to begin working on farms? Most likely not. Why? There is no plan. The plan will have to come when we can no longer pay for groceries or other goods. 

Let's stop and put some thought into what is happening to our country. Let's not just react, but actually talk with experts on both sides of the fence and make decisions that truly benefit our country. We are not bullies. We are not a country that hates. We are the greatest country in the world. Let's act like it.  


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